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Our Team

Our team consists of 21 people; including Partners, Interns and other Staff. Everyone incredibly talented, with varied skillset. Our team includes experienced professionals who aim for perfection as well as the young interns who strive to work hard.

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A bit of our history

It begins!

Our Senior Partner, Mr. Hemant Kashiparekh left his job and established this firm.

Second Managing Partner

Mr. Aashish Kashiparekh became Managing Partner of the firm as the clientele expanded dramatically.

Junior Partner

One of our own past interns, Mr. Rohit Patel was promoted to Junior Partnerafter showcasing impeccable skills after passing the CA exam with rank 31 all over India.

Advisory division

The company started an Advisory division to help other companies as well as work with clients abroad.

Now that you know history, you should know that our team is a perfect blend of experience and skill who strive for client satisfaction.


We are here to serve you

Adhering to technical and professional standards Respecting client confidentiality Maintain a high level of competence Helping clients make informed decisions Providing services at affordable rates Optimizing the client areas of operation